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 ♔ imperial russia meme  ♔ grand duchess ~ [2/9]

Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolayevna of Russia (O.S.) 29 May 1897 ~ 17 July 1918 (N.S.) was the second daughter of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and Princess Alix of Hesse.

Before the war Tatiana had seemed to have all the makings of a coquette, for, unlike Olga, she was very self-conscious about her appearance, had the figure of a manikin  and longed to have the fine clothes and beautiful jewels of fashionable Saint Petersburg ladies. ‘Any frock, no matter how old, looked well on her,’ recalled Iza Buxhoeveden: ‘she knew how to put on her clothes, was admired and liked admiration.’ ‘She was a Grand Duchess from head to toe, so aristocratic and regal was she’, recalled Svetlana Ofrosimova. From the first, Tatiana was quite different from heart-on-sleeve Olga, and that set her apart from her sisters. It was a though she had inside her her own completely private, distinctive, world. But it was one that Tatiana never allowed to intrude on her practical skills as a nurse and her devotion to duty. ~ Four Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Romanov Grand Duchesses by Helen Rappaport

If Olga was closest to her father, Tatiana, eighteen months younger than Olga, was closest to Alexandra. In public and in private, she surrounded her mother with unwavering attention. The tallest, slenderest and most elegant of the sisters, she had rich auburn hair and deep gray eyes. She was organized, energetic and purposeful and held strong opinions. ‘You felt she was the daughter of an Emperor,’ declared an officer of the Imperial Guard. In public, Grand Duchess Tatiana regularly outshone her older sister. Her piano technique was better than Olga’s although she practiced less and cared less. With her good looks and self-assurance, she was far more anxious than Olga to go out into society. Among the five children, it was Tatiana who made the decisions. ~ Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert Massie. 

Tatiana Nikolayevna was to my mind prettier than her sisters. She was taller even than the Empress but she was so slight and well proportioned that her great height was not remarkable. She had fine regular features recalling pictures of ancestresses who had been famous beauties She had dark hair a rather pale complexion and wide apart light brown eyes that gave her a poetic far away look not quite in keeping with her character. This was a mixture of exactness, thoroughness and perseverance, with leanings towards poetic and abstract ideas. She was closest in sympathy to her mother, and was the definite favorite of both her parents. She was completely unselfish, always ready to give up her own plans to go for a walk with her father, to read to her mother, to do anything that was wanted… She had a less strong character than Olga Nikolaevna, whose lead she would always follow, but she could make up her mind in an emergency quicker than her elder sister, and never lost her head. ~ The Life and Tragedy of Alexandra Feodorovna by Sophie Buxhoeveden 

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Yes that’s Lady Olenna

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Karmin “Pulses” video - Nick appreciation 

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Kit Harington by Paola Kudacki for GQ


Kit Harington by Paola Kudacki for GQ



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